She might be pregnant….now what?


Stay Calm

It may seem like an opportune time to to react in a negative way, but right now is a time when you could be her biggest advocate and huge supporter. She may be going through the physical changes, but this changes BOTH of you forever. Be strong for her and your baby.


Reassure her

Talk through this together, don’t hide it from the ones who love you that may make the situation more stressful.


Research Information

Make an informed decision on what would be best for you, the mother of your child and your child by gathering all the information you can to come to your final decision.


Share your feelings

Be open about your feelings they are all real and normal, make sure you are honest about being angry, frustrated or fearful.


Don’t leave

You may feel like running from it all, but running will not solve anything. The harder you try and get away the more difficult it is to think clearly.


Don’t pressure

Pressuring is a dangerous game to play that may lead to a regretful situation. You will need to try and work this out as a team.


Remember your role

You are important in this role and this decision, be open to input as well as sharing your concerns.