What did you like best about Health Resources Center?

“How safe, and comfortable I felt.”

“How concerned you were about me.”

“My counselor, and the helpful movies and lessons.”

“They showed me how much they cared.”

“The volunteers.”


“Immediate opening – very helpful.”

“The ultrasound option.”

“Privacy. One on one talk.”

“I love it here!”

“Clean/very nice facilities”

“I could get in quickly.”

“Everyone was nice and did not judge me in any way to make me feel uncomfortable.”

“The Health Resources Center gave me strength about my ability to be a great parent, but more importantly they gave me the strength to be a great person as a whole.”

“They are good to go to when in need of help and talk about some things you might not be able to talk about at home.”

“The people who work here have great attitudes.”

“They maked me feel like family.”

“They are so helpful and willing to talk about things and answers to any questions I had.”

“Everyone that works here is amazing! I love coming here and I learn so much!”

“I like the help they give and how they listen and understand.”

“I would recommend everyone to go there after the experience I have had.”

“I like being able to earn points and get stuff for me and my kids.”

“I like best the help they give and they listen and understand.”

I truly feel that I need to put in writing how much you mean to me and how you have impacted my life. Seven years ago, I came to you at 20 years old, pregnant, uninsured, and single. The man I thought I would spend the rest of my life with decided to leave me when he found out I was pregnant. I was broken and I was scared. I didn’t know what I was going to do. A lady told me about your service as just a place that could help me with an official pregnancy test. So I walked through your doors not really knowing what to expect, and feeling like my life was over. What I received was such an overwhelming warm and positive atmosphere. Meeting with you made me see my baby as a gift, as the beginning of an amazing new life – motherhood. I received so much more than just a pregnancy test. I was treated with such respect, gained so much knowledge about what my body was going through, and also received the assurance that “I can do this”. Because of you, I actually became excited to have my baby. That wasn’t something I had felt until I came to your services. Before, I felt like being  pregnant was a burden, and something I was ashamed of. It wasn’t until I sat down with you, saw the diagrams of the little babies in the mother’s stomach, and I heard my baby’s heartbeat that I truly felt excitement. It went from me crying about how scared I was to be pregnant to actually crying because I was so happy I was going to have a baby! With each meeting with you, I continued to learn so much more every time. I became confident that I could have my baby and be a good mother. I made better choices, became healthier, and learned so many things that  I continue to live. That is why I refer a new mom to your services every single chance I get. Your services were such a blessing for me and are for others.

I know that not every woman that gets pregnant is going to be married, insured, and have a strong partner. That is why we need a place like yours. You helped me, and you continue to help so many other women.